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The Global Research Business Network connects over 45 research associations and over 3500 research businesses on six continents. More than US$24.9 billion in annual research revenues (turnover) are represented by these businesses. Our mission is to promote and advance the business of research by developing and supporting strong autonomous national research associations. We do this by:

Sharing information

Sharing information and expertise to strengthen and develop national associations to deliver value to their members.

Enabling cross-border exchanges

Promoting development of research technologies and insights through creating additional opportunities for cross-border exchanges amongst research associations, communities and businesses.

Issuing guidance

Developing guidance on cross-border trade issues such as outsourcing and sub-contracting.

Promoting self-regulation

Promoting effective self regulation at the national level and developing solutions to resolve complaints about multi-country and cross-border projects.

Promoting international standards

Promoting international ethical and quality standards.

Identifying needs

Identifying needs and potential partnerships between national associations.

ARIA Representatives

Diane Bowers

GRBN – Chairperson

Kara Mitchelmore

GRBN—Board Member

Bruno Paro

Netquest—Managing Director USA & Canada
ABEP—Board Member
GRBN—Board Member

Alejandro Garnica Andrade

ARIA —Executive Director
AMAI—Executive VP
GRBN—Board Member

To give exposure to what is happening in the Canadian marketplace as well as stay current with global changes that could impact Canadian operationsKara Mitchelmore
“Hoping to help GRBN be the engine for a MR evolving transformation”Bruno Paro
I believe the GRBN is a very relevant initiative for nurturing and empower National Associations of the research industry worldwide, through exchange of experiences and collaborative multinational work. By fulfilling that objective, the GRBN would trigger a positive impact for our industry locally, regionally and globallyAlejandro Garnica Andrade

APRC Representatives

Peter Harris
Peter Harris

Vision Critical – Executive Vice President & Managing Director, APAC
APRC – President
GRBN – Board Member

Winifred Henderson
Winifred Henderson

Ipsos – Senior Client Director RANZ – Chair
APRC – Vice President
GRBN – Board Member

Elissa Molloy
Elissa Molloy

APRC – Secretary General
GRBN – Board Member

The GRBN is fantastic support and resource network for national associations and their members; and I am proud to be a part of its leadership team. If you have ideas on activities or resources you would like to see the GRBN provide (for national associations, individual researchers or research companies) please get in touch with me by email or through LinkedIn. The GRBN is a global research community network – we welcome your input.Elissa Molloy
Collaboration between associations on a global scale is important as it facilitates the sharing of information/resources and will save time, resources and effort – that’s where GRBN fits in and its initiatives will achieve this and will bring associations together. I’m passionate about the market research industry and I will utilise my experience and skills, and will invest time and energy, to help GRBN to flourish and achieve goals.Winifred Henderson
I want to assist the GRBN EMB achieve our important goals and to raise the profile of the Asia Pacific region as I know it is an important hub of innovation and growth on the world technology and research stage.Peter Harris

EFAMRO Representatives

Enrique Domingo
Enrique Domingo

Dialogs & Beyond – Founder and Partner
ANEIMO – Representative
GRBN -Board Member (shared vote)

Debrah Harding
Debrah Harding

MRS – Managing Director
EFAMRO – Vice-President
GRBN – Treasurer / Secretary

Jan Oostveen
Jan Oostveen

GRBN—Board Member

Since its launch in 2011, GRBN has made great progress bringing together the national research associations across the globe, sharing expertise and best practice to the mutual benefit of all 38 associations. GRBN needs to build on this initial success, strengthening its global brand, improving recognition of GRBN within research and the business sector, and expanding its programmes and initiatives – such as the Trust & Personal Data Survey – to develop and promote the business of research.Debrah Harding
In times of deep change it is more necessary than ever for the industry to converge to the long claimed ‘One industry, one voice’ vision for collaboration. I am pleased to work together with GRBN colleagues to contribute to the digital -mindset and technology- transformation.Enrique Domingo

GRBN, Executive Director

Andrew Cannon
Andrew Cannon

GRBN, Executive Director

To strengthen national associations across the global and help them serve their members. To increase the level of trust in the research industry and the perceived value of researchAndrew Cannon


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The Global Research Business Network was founded in 2011 following a meeting between representatives of APRC, ARIA and EFAMRO. Today the Network connects 45 research associations and over 3500 high quality, accredited and regulated research businesses on five continents.



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