Member Associations

Australia – AMSRS:

The Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS) is the peak body for market and social research professionals in Australia. The aim of the AMSRS is to promote, develop and protect the market and social research profession for Australia by providing standards, ongoing education, member services and by informing the wider community. [More…]

Australia – AMSRO:

The Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) is the peak body for market and social research organisations in Australia. The aim of AMSRO is to represent and enhance the social and market research industry; promote the interests of our members; provide confidence and minimise risk in client decision making; and ensure industry standards remain relevant, are promoted and maintained.  [More…]

China – CMRA

China Marketing Research Association was established in 1998 in order to further the development of China marketing research industry, enhance industry self-discipline, promote industry domestic and international exchange, and make the communication with government, enterprises and market research organizations smooth. [More…]

Chinese Taipei: CMRS

CMRS is a non-profit social organization, engaging in popularize the concept of marketing research and establishing its standard. The aim of CMRS is developing the theory and technology of marketing research, and therefore advancing the study and development of cultural innovation. [More…]

Japan – JMRA:

The Japan Marketing Research Association was established in 1975 in order to further the development of the marketing research industry in Japan and the world. Since then JMRA has played an important role establishing a marketing research code of ethics, and providing opportunities for training and education for the employees of association member companies. [More…]

Korea – KORA:

The Korea Research Association (KORA) was founded in 1992, with 10 charter-member research companies, to set and improve research standards and to establish an appropriate schedule of pricing for services. KORA now has 43 member companies in the field of public-opinion and marketing research. [More…]

Malaysia – MRSM:

The Market Research Society of Malaysia (MRSM) was founded in 2007,  to provide a stimulus to encourage, support and foster change and growth in the marketing research industry and amongst its practitioners, achieving highest possible standards of professionalism and practice in Malaysia.  [More…]

Mongolia – MMRA:

The Mongolian Marketing Research Association (MMRA) was established in October 2013. The aim of MMRA is to promote standards and ethics on market researchers and to provide the participation of related sector organisations in developing the researches in Mongolia at professional and high level. [More…]

New Zealand – Research Association New Zealand

The “professional standards” and “business development” parts of the NZ research industry have come together in 2014 under the new brand of the Research Association. [More…]

Singapore – MRSS:

The Market Research Society of Singapore (MRSS) was founded in 2000, In the era of a knowledge-based economy, the role of research cannot be overemphasised. Research becomes a vital tool for information gathering, information critical to sound decision-making. The Market Research Society Singapore has articulated a set of objectives which challenge members toward professionalism and excellence. [More…]

Thailand – TMRS:

The Thailand Marketing Research Society (TMRS) was founded in 1999, 1. To create better understanding of MR2. To promote the proper use of MR3. To upgrade the standards of MR. [More…]