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Breaking the Ground for the Market Research Industry in Guyana

Have you ever been caught in a place where there seems to be no possible way to attain your objectives? A place where your passion pulls you to X and your reality tugs you right back at point Y? Well I’ve been there. You see, I reside in Guyana- a country located on the coast of South America. With no shame of bias, I believe it’s one of the best and most exotic eco-tourism destinations in the world. Even though Guyana has a number of Natural Resources (Including Oil, Gold, Bauxite, Timber) we still are considered to be one that’s in its developing phase. There is still a lot of room for development in various industries and sectors. In 2013, some considered Guyana to be in its embryonic stage when it came to Market Research and Business Intelligence. Research was seen as a luxury product, not a necessity. Decisions made on “guestimations” and gut rather than data driven insights.
After falling in love with both Research and Business Strategy, at the age of 19, my colleagues and I set out to look for jobs in Market Research- only to find no specialized market research agencies. Instead marketing agencies that offered research only when the client needed it; no formidable Market Research Organization existed. It seemed as though our hopes in Market research were shot. Not only shot, but we were soon to be graduates of the University of Guyana, and scared of becoming a part of the glim statistics. Why glim statistics? According to the Caribbean Development Bank Report (2014) Guyana recorded to have 40% of youth unemployment and 89% brain-drain of our University graduates. That was my dilemma, I had the passion to become a full-fledged Researcher, but no seeming opportunities. To be honest, we did end up falling into the statistics. I was 19, just submitted my final thesis for my undergraduate, applying for jobs, all to get no response or semi-kind emails which “regretfully” said that the positions had already been filled.
Still, there was always perseverance
Things began to turn when my friend introduced us to some International Researches that visited Guyana for a project. After our tiresome and futile job hunt, we decided to reach out and ask if there was need for research assistance help. They agreed and after our second job, they widened our scope of work, and with excitement, we brought on board our other colleagues at the University of Guyana. Before you knew it, we were interviewing applicants in our Lecturers office, and we were so happy that even though the projects were temporary, we were able to link our passion with a solution to the high unemployment rates. Students were able to work from home and earn wages way above the average. It was our little Euphoria — linking our passion for Research and Earning.
Breaking the Ground for the Market Research Industry in Guyana
That’s how Project Development Consultancy better known as PDC Research was formed. We wanted to find as many job opportunities in Market and Social Research for students as possible. The spin-off effect, was that we were also at the same time Breaking the Ground for the Market Research Industry in Guyana. They said it was impossible, the market wasn’t ready. Despite all the critics, we decided that since there was no door, we would build one– because opportunities in research will always come, developing or developed. The calling was to Break the Ground, Advocate on Market Research, Start the revolution, steer our country into the information age, shift culture, change perspectives and start the paradigm shift where Data Driven Insights is Paramount for Effective Decision Making. However, as dandy as that may sound, the only way that is achievable is through support. No man is an island.
Finding a family in Insights Association
Which brings us to the Insight Association. At IIeX NA 2017, In Atlanta, we shared our story to a group of panelists speaking on associations and their roles, the Insights Association reached out to us, and offered to help with our mandate. Our team was quite surprised, at how quickly they were to offer a helping hand. They have truly been a blessing. It felt as though our company, finally found a family. You know, the feeling you get when you meet someone who has walked the path before, someone who understands the struggle and what it’s like to plough tough ground. The encouragement reminds us that – if they can do it – so can you. You can have passion, but passion isn’t just excitement, its perseverance. It’s funny how a lot of great things die, because we get weary. The key to get through this weary phase is support, and this is what we’ve come to realize as a company. Associations play the role for research companies, whether large, medium or small to support and strengthen, they are like the backbone of our Industry. They offer resources, a platform to discover new methodologies and best practices.
Miles of inspiration
As the founder of a research agency, I can personally attest, that after becoming a member of Insight Association carrying out our mandate to break ground has been made easier. The resources that are made available to our company has given us miles of inspiration. The more we know and learn, the more we can create. As companies, we must remember that associations are like gyms, we can’t expect that by paying the subscription fee we will automatically lose weight or gain muscle mass. We have to make use of the resources and work it. Anije_Lambert