GRBN is taking the lead on building trust with the general public. We have put in place a Charter to which the regional federations, as well as a number of the leading associations across the globe have signed up. We have put in place an action plan to build that trust and are looking for your support and/or active participation. Whilst we see communicating the value of research to consumers and citizens as the ultimate way in which we will secure people’s trust, before we can do that effectively, we need to improve the level of trust people have in market research companies to protect and appropriately use their personal data on the one hand, and on the other we need to give people a great user experience when they do agree to participate in research.
GRBN Participant Engagement Initiative
Over the last couple of years, GRBN has been working hard to create awareness of the importance of participant engagement. At the end of last year, as a result of extensive co-operation with more than 30 companies, we issued the ENGAGE, 101 tips to improve the research participant experience, Handbook. Click on the image below to access the handbook. We will be issuing an updated version of the Handbook in 2019, so get in touch if you want to partner with us on that.
ENGAGE MR Coaching Program
In 2018, we have gone beyond awareness building, to actually driving positive change in our sector. We have created a coaching program, called ENGAGE MR, to enable Participant Engagement Champions, nominated by participating companies, to put in place concrete action plans to create great user experiences and improve participant engagement. We are excited to have teamed up with the Insights Association to award Champions, who successfully complete the ENGAGE MR Program, as well as their employers, with Participant Engagement Champion Certificates: We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our first champions who successfully completed the first round of the coaching program this fall, and to offer a big thank you for the champions themselves for all the hard work they put into the program, as well as to the business leaders for supporting their champions!  
ENGAGE MR Round 2 kicks off
Building on the success we have had with the first round of the coaching program, we are getting together a group of companies to participate in the 2nd round. We are excited to have Critical Mix as the first company to officially sign up to the 2nd round of the program, so a big thank you goes out to the senior management at Critical Mix for their vision and their support.   Please get in touch if you would like to join Critical Mix in the program. We will help you create great research participant user experiences which improve both the quality of your data and drive up brand equity.