What is ENGAGE MR?

ENGAGE MR is a coaching program which enables participating companies to effectively and efficiently create great research participant user experiences, which deliver strong long-term brand equity for end-clients.

Who is ENGAGE MR for?

The ENGAGE MR coaching program has been designed first and foremost with end clients and research agencies in mind, but the data collectors and tech companies, which support them also gain great value from participating with end clients and research agencies in the program.

How ENGAGE MR works

Companies nominate one or two Participant Engagement Champions from their company to participate in the coaching program. It is critical that the Champions are given a clear mandate by top management to drive best-practice implementation and process improvements.

GRBN, working together with selected partners, use group and individual coaching sessions to share the latest research-on-research findings, teach best practices, and mentor the champions on setting goals and putting in place an action plan to achieve those goals.

The program lasts approximately 9 months and progress is monitored throughout. The program ends with companies and their champions being recognized for their achievements.

Recognizing Participant Engagement Champions

In the US, GRBN has teamed up with the Insights Association to provide the individual Champions and the companies they represent with Participant Engagement Champion Certificates should they successfully complete the coaching program. Champions also earn PRC credits for participating in the ENGAGE MR program. You can read more about these benefits here.

We are ready to coach new Champions. Are you ready to be one?

Participant Engagement Champions from seven companies were coached in the first round of the ENGAGE MR program, and we owe a big thank you to these pioneering companies.

If you and your company share our passion for creating great research participant experiences and improving participant engagement, we encourage you to sign up for the program.

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