Critical Mix, a global data and insights provider, announced today that they will begin offering free mobile-first insights to encourage usage of the modern method for data collection. Mobile-first methodology allows for more accurate and representative consumer insights by giving people the ability to answer questions in-the-moment and on devices that they use most often. Additionally, the technology creates a more engaging participant experience, ultimately reaching a broader, more representative audience. “Today’s insights professionals require quick and easy access to the most representative consumer insights to make critical business decisions in real-time,” explains Hugh Davis, Co-CEO, Critical Mix. “While mobile-first technology exists, and offers substantial advantages, its full potential has not yet been recognized in our industry. Critical Mix wants to break down the barriers by giving companies the opportunity to harness the benefits of mobile-first capabilities without experiencing any risk.” Leading advertisers have embraced mobile-first strategies to improve brand awareness and customer satisfaction, many emphasizing mobile-first design over desktop. As most customer interactions now take place on smartphones and tablets, research participants expect a similar user experience to what they have grown accustomed to with other brands when completing surveys. Traditional online surveys do not always translate well into mobile environments, leaving respondents frustrated. Critical Mix’s mobile-first research app, developed by UB Mobile, offers a modern, innovative user experience that is convenient and easy-to-use. It includes a combination of gesture-based features for collecting attitudes and opinions, video and photos, and geo-fencing to target potential customers in specific locations, capturing passive, in-the-moment data and the ability to see the consumer’s path to purchase journey. The free service offering includes up to 10 questions among a representative sample of 200 U.S. adults, males or females, millennials, or moms. Results are provided in interactive dashboards or data files. To learn more, visit Press contact: Hugh Davis, Co-CEO, Critical Mix