Together with our partners, GRBN is on a global mission to increase participation rates and data quality by improving the experience people get when they participate in research.

Improving the research participant experience has a direct impact on data quality, which in turn impacts the reliability and validity of the data and insights generated.

Research is not only a touch-point for the data collector, but also for the companies commissioning the research. It is an opportunity to build or damage brand equity with both existing and potential customers, and everyone has the responsibility to take that seriously.

The ENGAGE 2.0 Handbook presents 30 expert tips for improving the research participant user experience.

The tips are based not only on our own research-on-research, but also on the practical experience and expertise of our partners. We are very grateful to partners both for their support of the initiative and for their willingness to share their wisdom with you.

No matter whether you work for an end client, an agency, a data collector, or a technology company, we believe the Handbook offers you both food for thought and practical advise on how to increase participant engagement.

The future of our sector depends on people’s willingness to participate in research, so please join us in doing all we can to ensure they get an excellent experience when they do participate.

Many thanks to our partners. Click on a logo to visit their site.