In this issue of Global Insights, we focus on the upcoming launch of two handbooks, which we believe will bring significant benefits both to clients, to the research industry and to the people, on whom we rely on to share their opinions and giving access to their data. We share expert insights into different aspects of participant engagement and user experience, and also get insight into the complexity of Africa. Enjoy the read! Dapresy Signs Up As The Premier Sponsor For The ROI From Insights Measurement Handbook We are excited to announce that Dapresy will be the Premier Sponsor of the ROI from Insights Measurement Handbook we will be releasing later this year. The handbook will offer practical guidance on measuring the ROI from Insights and demonstrating business impact. The handbook will build on the quantitative and qualitative research GRBN is currently undertaking on this topic in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group…. Read more Participant Engagement Handbook – A big THANK YOU to the first workgroup members! We would like to thank everyone, who has volunteered to help put together the Participant Engagement Handbook! Now that both the qualitative and quantitative research-on-research projects are underway we are turning our attention to planning the handbook. A “big thank” you goes to…. See who’s involved and find out more here Ditch the script; have a conversation instead! By Allison Rak, Doing Good Research “Nobody likes a telemarketer, so why use their techniques in recruiting? Why are researchers still  getting away with putting participants through long, boring, tedious screeners? A conversational approach to your recruit may seem difficult or impractical, but if done well can yield excellent results in the way of highly-qualified, happier participants….” Read More

A Quality Research Must: Make Research Participants Feel Valued

By Ryan Jantz, Research Now “For a researcher, solid panel management helps authenticate panelists, allows gathering information about them over time, and enables monitoring their behavior and response rates as well as tracking the number of surveys they participate in…” Read More Research for African Diversity Doing research focused on understanding human behaviour and doing business in Africa is complex. Although diversity is Africa’s greatest challenge, it is also our greatest asset… Read More Is Online Incivility a Product of Poor UX Design?  David Evans, Ph.D. is a Senior Manager of Customer Research at Microsoft. He will give a talk titled, “The Causes and Consequences of Fake News: A Consumer Psychology Perspective.” at the Insights Leadership Conference, September 26-28 in Palm Beach. His presentation will trace how attentional and memory bottlenecks among consumers gave rise to in-context advertising… Read More Information Security – Your People  – INSIGHTS ASSOCIATION (CASRO) Webinar Often data breaches result from human error or improper safeguards around employees. Experts will share their advice on the human side of data security… Preview and buy