In this issue of Global Insights you can discover which are the latest companies to come on-board the Participant Engagement Initiative, which research business leader recently won a prestigious award, and in which countries in Europe research businesses are most optimistic. Our featured guests challenge us to think about and act upon the ROI from Insights, training and professional development, and creating shared value with research participants. We hope you enjoy this issue and welcome your feedback! PEI – Welcome to the latest partners! We are happy to announce that 4 new partners have come on board the Participant Engagement Initiative, taking the total to 34 partners, and that work has started on producing the Participant Engagement Handbook, which we will be issuing later this year….. Find out who’s on board and learn more What’s the ROI of Consumer Insights? How about 400%! By David Rothstein, RTi Research “There’s been much talk in recent years about the call for Consumer Insights (CI) departments to provide more value to the organization (with less in the way of human and capital resources).  Moving forward, Insights Leaders will want to consider how they might begin to measure Return on Investment (ROI) in consumer research and use the information to “sell” the value of the CI function to the organization…” Read More MMI South African Market Research: Need for reform By Monique Schehle & Pieter J. Rossouw, MMI Holdings “Over the last two years, the number of research projects commissioned to external market research suppliers by MMI Holdings’ has seen a strong decline. There is a perception that market research suppliers are servicing the needs of corporates in the same way, without offering outcomes that are unique to the business or differentiated from that of its competitors….” Read More

Shared Value – The Key to Both Engaged Customers and Engaged Participants

A video interview with Peter Harris, Vision Critical We chat with Peter about the key learnings from their recent Customer Intelligence Summit in Sydney, and how we can apply those learnings to the challenges the research sector is facing. Shared value and the creation of mutually beneficial relationships with participants was one of the key points Peter stressed during our chat… Watch the video here Increasing optimism in the European research industry, with Italy and Switzerland as exceptions Jan Oostveen, EFAMRO’s Director General, highlights the key results from the latest wave of the EFAMRO Mood Indicator: “European research businesses are currently rather optimistic regarding the revenue development of their businesses in 2017. Overall the markets in Europe seem to be in good shape, much better that the last few years. There are a few exceptions…” Read More AzureInsights Association Industry News: Research Executive Named Entrepreneur of the Year A marketing research industry leader has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, in the Services category. The award went to Jay Ruparel, Execuitve Director and CEO of Azure Knowledge Corporation… Read More Data_ProtectionEU Data Protection Reforms: Practical Compliance Steps – EFAMRO Webinar This free EFAMRO Data Protection webinar providers research business leaders with practical steps to comply to the new EU Data Protection Regulation… Access for free