We are excited to deepen our co-operation with RTi Research on the Participant Engagement Initiative.  In this issue, you can discover the first tip to come out of our research into the qualitative research participant user experience and Baillie Buchanan reminds us of the importance of collecting feedback from participants. In our other guest contribution, Jeanette Hodgson and Steve Hales show us how to have fun getting great insights. You can read about the important new guidance on mobile research we are issuing in partnership with ESOMAR, and we also have a strong international flavor to this edition, with an invitation to go to Beijing later this year, as well as the opportunity to brush up on your international research expertise. Happy reading! Hot tip: ‘Sell’ the Engaging Components of Participation This is just one of the insights from the research-on-research we have recently conducted into the qualitative research participant’s experience. It tells us that we need to step up our game and do a better job at selling the experience to potential participants Read More RTi Research signs up as Gold Sponsor on the Participant Engagement Initiative  We are excited to announce that RTi Research has upgraded themselves from Silver to Gold Sponsor on the initiative, demonstrating their commitment to improving participant engagement and enabling us to drive forward with the initiative… Read More Improvisational Comedy Fosters a Winning Brand Optimization Strategy By Jeanette Hodgson, Kantar Health and Steve Hales, Firefly, Kantar Millward Brown “They say that laughter is cheap medicine, but it may also greatly benefit healthcare market researchers by helping to uncover true emotional drivers of behavior. Qualitative research is often designed to reveal…” Read More Vision_Critical Just 2 More Questions: Why You Should Ask For Respondent Feedback at the End of Your Survey By Baillie Buchanan, Research For Good “Respect The Respondent isn’t only about shorter surveys, listening to respondent feedback is just as important. Here’s why…” Read More

ESOMAR/GRBN Guideline For Mobile Research Launched

Today ESOMAR and GRBN launch their joint Guideline for Mobile Research for the market, opinion and social research and data analytics sector. This new Guideline aligns global policies with developing regulations and technology and the latest international developments for best practice in this area… Read More Co-creation, Beyond Borders: The 10th CMRA Bi-annual Conference and the 20th Anniversary Ceremony Welcome to CMRA’s 10th bi-annual conference to be held in Beijing in early November…. Read More MRS Recorded Webinar – International Research – Part 2 In this webinar for MRS, Rachael Holmes. a freelance qualitative researcher with 20 years of experience in research and planning, offers a travel bag of tips and tricks to smooth the path to successful International Research… Read more and access the webinar