In this issue, you can read the latest on the Participant Engagement Initiative and the exciting news that ENGAGE, our tips from the experts handbook will be launched one month from now. We are looking forward to presenting some top tips from the handbook at the Insights Leadership Conference in Palm Beach next week, and we hope to see you there! We added a lot of thought-leadership content to this issue, so please take a moment to get inspired and share anything you particularly like. ENGAGE: 101 Tips To Improve The Research Participant User Experience We are thrilled to announce that our handbook, ENGAGE, will be the issued on the 16th October in the same week that the Insights Association’s Corporate Researcher Conference will take place in Chicago. ENGAGE is a call-to-action for the whole research sector. Our objective in launching the handbook is simple… Read More Hot tip: Gain Trust With Transparency Trust is of particular importance when engaging people to participate in passive metering research, and transparency is essential to gaining that trust. This is just one of the passive metering-related tips to be included in ENGAGE, our Participant Engagement Handbook, which we will be issuing in October Read More Improving Participant Engagement – Why We Should All Care By Dave Rothstein, RTi Research “According to a recent GRBN study…70% of online survey takers say they’ve had a bad survey experience lately, with one-third of these people saying it made them feel more negatively about the company(s) mentioned in the survey. At our recent annual Client Symposium…nearly all in attendance were surprised and concerned by this finding…” Read More Vision_Critical Panel Management Best Practices for Difficult to Reach Audiences By Lisa Wilding-Brown, Innovate MR “How do you manage sample to account for accessibility of different populations, while factoring the inherent lack of uniqueness with so many veteran panelists on board, all while meeting (and hopefully exceeding) the needs of clients?…” Read More

Love In Turmoil: How to Win Back the Hearts and Minds of Research Participants

We excited to be presenting together with our partners some of the top tips from ENGAGE, our soon-to-be-released Participant Engagement Handbook, at the INSIGHTS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE taking place September 26-28 in Palm Beach, Florida. We will explore how brands can improve their relationship with their constituents and preserve the integrity of research… Read More Featured_Guests South African Market Research: Need for reform – Part 2 Monique Schehle & Pieter J. Rossouw, MMI Holdings In their second article, the authors explore the implications of a lack of market-research-focused academic training and qualifications in South Africa, both for the industry and for clients… Read More Featured_Guests Participant Engagement Advice Katrina Noelle, KNow Research “I asked Ted Kendall of TripleScoop Premium Market Research to answer a few questions on his experience, expertise and advice in terms of participant engagement. Firstly, I asked what trends had he noticed in the recent years in terms of participant engagement?…” Read More MRS Recorded Webinar – Commissioning Qual for Client Insight Teams The objective of the webinar is to give a concise overview of best practice for commissioning qualitative research – from taking the brief to embedding the recommendations. The webinar covers: 1) Getting to the best brief, 2) Choosing the right agency and right method, 3) Handling logistics, 4) Managing and embedding the output and 5) Seven top tips. Read more and access the webinar