In this issue, we continue to focus on the Participant Engagement Initiative as we build towards the launch of our handbook, ENGAGE, on the 16th October. We look back on the Insights Leadership Conference in Palm Beach last week, and look forward to being in Chicago for CRC 2017 in two weeks time. We hope to see you there! This newsletter also contains an important update on industry guidelines by Enrique Domingo, GRBN board member and Chair Professional Standards Committee of ESOMAR. The Birth of ENGAGE Since 2015, GRBN has been presenting data on the general public’s lack of trust in the market research industry and encouraging the industry to collectively do something about it, so that we can maintain our ability to collect the data we need to meet clients’ needs…. Read More PEI – Welcome to the latest partners – More than 35 now on board We would like to welcome Liveminds, OdinText and Verto Analytics as the latest partners on the Participant Engagement Initiative, taking the total to 36. We would like to thank all our partners for their commitment to improving the user experience of research participants across methodologies and across the globe… Read More Vision_Critical How to Win Back the Hearts and Minds of Research Participants With our panel of experts – Lisa Wilding-Brown, Gabe Dworet, Kerry Hecht Labsuirs and Katrina Noelle – we had a great time presenting at the INSIGHTS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE in Palm Beach, Florida last week. You can read the key take-aways and view our presentation…. Read More WHICH NORMS? Industry Regulation Update New and updated guidelines are being published by GRBN and ESOMAR after the recent approval of the ICC/ESOMAR Code for Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics. See which guidelines will be next... Read More CMIX

Participant Engagement: What clients have to gain and lose

At CRC David Rothstein will speak with corporate research leaders Ronda Slaven and Neil Marcus on the implications for clients of a good or bad user experience, both in terms of the impact on data quality and longer term brand equity. The panel will explore the role clients have to play… Read More

Measuring the ROI of Insights today and tomorrow

We are excited to share the stage at CRC with Christine Barton and Pierre Dupreelle from the Boston Consulting Group to present data and the key insights from the recently conducted BCG-GRBN research on the ROI of Insights… Read More

We hope to see you in Chicago at CRC 2017.