The BIG news is that the BCG / GRBN ROI of Insights report is now available for download. At the same time, we are continuing to drive awareness of the need to improve participant engagement, as without good data the ROI of Insights is zero, or even negative. A good place to start on a journey to improve the research participant experience is our Handbook, ENGAGE. In this issue, we also touch on data security and data protection. The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, will come into force in the EU in just 6 months’ time, so we strongly recommend you read Debrah Harding’s article, irrespective of whether or not you are currently doing business in the EU. BCG / GRBN ROI of Insights Report Issued We are excited to announce the launch of the ROI of Insights report, which we have produced in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group, and which highlights the key findings from the research recently conducted by BCG in partnership with GRBN… Access the report Hot Tip: Be Transparent when Recruiting for Qualitative Research Participants are very articulate about feeling as though we, on the research side, are not honest or transparent about what we’re asking of them. This is the foundation of our relationship with them and goes a long way to setting the stage for a dysfunctional one… Read More Vision_Critical Can You Feel The Heat? Whilst this image may not represent the day-to-day reality of your working life in the research sector, I want to use it to symbolise the danger our sector is facing today in order to provoke an action from you: Are you going to join me in helping put out the fire, or are you going to… Read More Featured_Guests For Quality Research, It Takes a Member-First Philosophy By Julee Foster, Critical Mix “Two of the biggest trends in the market research industry are working against each other. First is the ever-increasing demand for high-quality consumer insights that can be turned around quickly. Second is a concerning lack of respect for the people who offer their time and attention…” Read More RTi Prepare To Be Ransomed By Russ Anderson, Pullman & Comley “According to a recent US Government Interagency report, ransomware is the fastest growing malware threat, targeting users of all types. An incredible 51 percent of respondents in a January 2017 study by the Ponemon Institute reported that their organization had suffered a ransomware incident within the past year. …” Read More GDPR, what you need to do – Part 1 The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, will come into force in all of the 28 Member States of the European Union (EU) on 25 May 2018. In this first article of a two-part series on the subject, Debrah Harding, CEO at MRS, explains what you need to be doing to be ready for this significant event…” Read More

Live webinar – Re-imagining research: 10 golden tips for the modern researcher

70 percent of people have had a bad research experience recently, which is negatively impacting data quality and clients’ brands. In order to survive and thrive, market researchers and insight professionals need to recalibrate their understanding of the research participant user experience. Join us on Tuesday, November 28th for a joint GRBN – Vision Critical webinar and learn how to boost engagement and deliver superior participant experiences. Discover how top researchers from Google, Twitter and LinkedIn are reimagining their roles to drive smarter research and improve customer relationships. Register now for the webinar Re-imagining research: 10 golden tips for the modern researcher

Recorded Webinar: How to Win Back the Hearts and Minds of Research Participants

Last month, in co-operation with Insights Association, our panel of experts gave a webinar, which built on the presentations at ILC in Palm Beach and CRC in Chicago to discuss the importance of the research participant user experience, and give practical advice on how to improve the experience. You can access a recording of the webinar in the GRBN Learning Center.