Key Benefits of Insights ROI Measurement The recent BCG-GRBN research indicates that those Insights functions measuring their ROI and the impact they are having on the business are reaping significant benefits from doing so. How does a seat at the table, more resources, more autonomy and more job satisfaction sound for starters?… Read more Hot Tip: To maximize conversions, use “VIP” messaging and set expectations Operating passive measurement panels is an art and a science. Prospective panelists need to be motivated to register, become compliant, and remain active and valid. Beyond incentives, people are increasingly interested in taking part in a bigger initiative. Ensure panelists understand they are an elite community that helps some of the world’s biggest companies shape apps, sites, and devices… Read this and 100 other expert tips on Participant Engagement Vision_Critical Featured_Guests Customers’ Trust Means Better Data By Oriol Llaurado, Netquest “Citizens are the best source of rich and meaningful data. But questionable data practices and zero-sum business models have been eroding consumers’ trust. In an attempt to protect themselves from such practices, citizens are likely to refuse to provide data or rather provide fake data if they are forced to…” Read More CMIX Global Top 25 Research Companies By Diane Bowers, GRBN Chair “The expansion and transformation of the marketing research industry continued strong in 2016, particularly among the Global Top 25 companies included in this year’s AMA Gold Global Top 25 Report (“Marketing News,” September-October 2017). The total 2016 revenue for the Global Top 25 is $22,548.6 million versus $21,565.7 million in 2015, a growth rate of 4.6% (or 3.3% when adjusted for inflation)…” Read More GDPR, what you need to do – Part 2 The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, will come into force in all of the 28 Member States of the European Union (EU) on 25 May 2018. In this second article on the subject, Debrah Harding, CEO at MRS, explains what else you need to be doing to be ready for this significant event…” Read More