New GRBN Board Members Announced We welcome Urpi Torrado and Jeff Resnick to the GRBN Executive Management Board. The Board is comprised of representatives from all four regional federations – AMRA, APRC, ARIA and EFAMRO. You can see the full composition of the Board here. Answering Your GDPR Questions – Advice on Unintentionally Housing EU Data? We were asked recently: “Have you any practical advice to US MR firms who don’t have an EU presence but may unintentionally be housing EU data (e.g., somebody gives me a sample of customers and some of those folks are in the EU)? We’ve got our US Privacy Shield in place but not sure that’s enough.” Dr Michelle Goddard, Director of Policy & Communication, EFAMRO, answers:… Read more Fair Data in a Climate of Distrust In this article first published in AMSRS Research News, Kerry Sunderland looks at the potential impact the recent Cambridge Analytica/Facebook and Google personal data harvesting scandals might have on market and social research companies, and how Fair Data is part of the solution… Read more Featured_Guests The Fundamentals of Driving Customer Loyalty Zoe Dowling, Ph.D. from FocusVision offers a refresher on four fundamentals to delight and retain customers “It was all so much easier in the good old days. The customer relationship was more straightforward and sellers were able to communicate directly with buyers to understand their pain points and path to purchase. Trying to emulate that depth of customer interaction at scale is challenging and brands today are struggling to understand what their customers really want…” Read More RTi Featured_Guests

How Private is Your Brain

By Dipesh Mistry, Northstar Research “With companies investing more in neurotechnology, retaining control of our brain data could be the most pressing privacy issue of the future, says Dipesh Mistry.Data and analytics have been in the news a lot recently, largely for the wrong reasons. Cambridge Analytica’s alleged use of personal Facebook data to change audience behaviour has raised questions about how companies can currently access and use personal data, while the recent implementation of GDPR in the UK has also grabbed headlines…” Read More