Agency Leaders: An ROI of Insights Events is an Effective Way to Engage and Deliver Value to Your Clients Dave Rothstein, CEO at RTi Research, invited GRBN’s Andrew Cannon and Simon Chadwick from Cambiar Consulting, to run this year’s RTi Symposium held last month in New York. The objective of this year’s Symposium was to inform and inspire RTI’s clients to measure their ROI, and to more effectively demonstrate the impact Insights is having on the business with a view to elevate the Insights team internally and ultimately grow the Insights’ budget…Read more Featured_Guests Participant Engagement – How to Favorably Impact Your Business Kevin Menk, Strategic Resource Partners “Choose to impact research participants favorably to enrich their experiences and yours. How? Treat them as people…” Read More RTi Featured_Guests Trust Generation: The Must Have Asset When Dealing With People’s Private Information By Joaquim Bretcha, Netquest “Until very recently, market researchers have almost exclusively been interacting with respondents in a pre-self-service store model: a one-on-one relationship between the researcher and the survey participant. In the digital world, the datasets shared among companies face the challenge of masking the participants Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and be GDPR compliant…” Read More EphMRA Joins Forces with MRS to Deliver Policy and Professional Standards Services Global healthcare market research association, EphMRA, today announces it has partnered with MRS to enhance its Code of Conduct and develop professional standards services for its members. EphMRA aims to inspire and empower members to influence decision through expert advice and insights to help drive business performance and gain competitive advantage… Read more Market Research Industry in Australia Cracks Down on ‘Shonky’ Behaviour The Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) today launched a new digital platform ‘Phish of the Day’ ( to highlight fake or illegitimate research activities to the public… Read more