ENGAGE MR Certificates and PRC Credits: The Insights Association and GRBN Deepen Partnership on Participant Engagement WASHINGTON – August 13th 2018The Global Research Business Network (GRBN) and the Insights Association are pleased to announce that we are deepening our co-operation on the ENGAGE MR coaching program. Under this new program, individuals who are Insights Association members and successfully complete the coaching program will receive a GRBN/Insights Association co-branded ‘Participant Engagement Champion’ certificate of completion… Read more GRBN and Client Advocates Enter into a ROI of Insights Consultancy Partnership WASHINGTON – August 13th 2018 – The Global Research Business Network (GRBN) and Client Advocates today announced that GRBN has approved Client Advocates as an official partner providing Insights teams with evidence-based consultancy using GRBN’s Invest in Insights framework and related tools. The consultancy services will enable Insights teams to effectively and efficiently put in place ROI measurement and reporting processes in order to measure, promote and ultimately increase their impact on the business…Read more Featured_Guests Succession Planning – A Critical Element of Your Business’ Success Jeff Resnick, Stakeholder Advisory Services “Owners/executives of market intelligence businesses have many reasons for concern in today’s environment – adapting to disruptive competition, understanding and employing emerging technology, hiring and maintaining the right work force, assuring sufficient cash flow, creating a robust sales pipeline, guaranteeing high quality work to support long-term customer relationships – to name just a few. One topic that is infrequently mentioned, however, is succession planning…” Read More Featured_Guests What Has Been Learned From Data Gurus So Far By Sima Vasa, Infinity Squared Ventures “Data Gurus is a podcast that I launched this year to help our industry navigate the changing data ecosystem together. My mission is to bring you real-life perspectives on what’s happening in the industry and how successful companies and individuals in this niche navigate through the sea of change. Although the lines seem blurred in terms of where we are going there some common themes that have emerged throughout many of my podcast interviews…” Read More MRIA Ceases Operations: The Canadian Research Community Responds Swiftly The market research community in Canada has responded swiftly to last week’s announcement by the Canadian market research association, MRIA, that it is ceasing its operations. The day after MRIA made their announcement, a group of CEOs from some of Canada’s largest market and survey research firms held a conference call, during which they discussed the need to continue to uphold industry standards and certification practices in Canada… Read more

Unleashing Impact: Elevating the Insights Function – CRC 2018
GRBN is excited to be hosting a panel at the upcoming Corporate Researcher Conference in Orlando on the topic of elevating the real and perceived value of the Insights function. Our panel of experts – Kelly Bowie (Guardian Life), Paula Brant (MetLife), Jackie Chan (Prudential Life) and Lisa Courtade (Merck) – will discuss the concrete steps Insights teams can take to become strategic partners to the business by measuring, demonstrating and growing their impact. The panel will be guided on this journey by Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner at Cambiar Consulting, and David Rothstein, CEO at RTi Research… Read more about the great line-up at CRC 2018 and join 700+ colleagues in Orlando. BE UNSTOPPABLE.