ENGAGE_MR Call For Champions: 2nd Round of ENGAGE MR to Get Underway in Q4 The 2nd round of the ENGAGE MR coaching program will kick off this fall and we are inviting companies to nominate Participant Engagement Champions to join the program. You can read more about the program here. If your company understands the importance of engaged research participants to your own business as well as the healthy future of the sector, please show your colors and join the program. Participation has great benefits…. Read more ISO Changes Ahead Since 2016 experts from around the globe have been updating ISO 20252, the main ISO standard for research.  Work is nearing completion and the new standard should be issued in early 2019. The new ISO 20252 standard will be significantly different from the current 2012 version… Read more Featured_Guests Is Your Breakage Model Broken? Lisa Wilding-Brown, Innovate MR, explains how sample companies can create value from the GRBN’s ENGAGE MR Program “Many moons ago, as a fledgling researcher and panel specialist, I managed a loyalty program for one of the industry’s first online research panels. Like most young professionals with a new assignment, I approached this responsibility with incredible levels of enthusiasm and fervor as well as a dash of naiveté. As a consumer myself, I had participated in loyalty programs in the past and I was under the false impression that my previous experience would provide immeasurable benefits to the program. Unfortunately, my confidence was short lived as I arrived at the realization that I wasn’t really in charge at all, our CFO was. I soon discovered that most reward programs, which theoretically are designed to produce loyalty, are generating the opposite response from consumers. “Why aren’t panelists sticking around?” I asked myself…” Read More Featured_Guests Who Owns the Data? By Finn Raben, ESOMAR “With data collection increasingly in the hands of marketing professionals, a study from Esomar and Kadence International explored their attitudes towards consumer data, uncovering some worrying trends. The overlap of the Venn diagram between insights and technology enlarges at a pace. Two different cultures, both using data to drive growth for businesses, and working with similar analytical models, but fundamentally approaching it with different mindsets. This culture clash was never more apparent…” Read MoreFeatured_Guests

A GPS For Driving Insights That Get Action

By Carol Shea, InsightsCentral “Do you ever feel like you are in a constant loop of doing? No matter how hard you work, there’s always more to do. And with just one small step in the wrong direction, you can wind up miles off course. You are not alone! A recent Quirk’s corporate research report found that the biggest pain points for managing and conducting research were…” Read More