Welcome to MRX Master Chef 2020 – A recipe for success in the real-life competition to grow key accounts Now is the time to act if you want to take the grand prize: 1-hour preparation time required We know that most of you are currently focused on closing Q1-19, with one eye on H1-19, and maybe half a thought for H2, but we are asking you to spend one hour of your time over the next few days to kick-start 2020. We can guarantee you a strong ROI on that hour spent.. Read more CHANGE FOR BETTER – Kantar And GRBN Link Up For A Global Change For The Better In a world that has never been more aware of the fact that equal opportunities and a diverse work place leads to better business, Kantar has decided to use its expertise and experience in understanding people and behaviours to help companies address this… Read more ADM Transparency Initiative German association launches test phase to promote research transparency within the sector The ADM seeks to make market, opinion and social research projects more comparable. Therefore, the association’s general assembly approved the roll-out of a transparency initiative at the end of last year. Read more Featured_Guests Agencies & Corporate Researchers Discuss Respondent Engagement at SampleCon By Phil Giubelio, RTi Research “A core principle of the GRBN initiative is improving Respondent Engagement. At the 2019 SampleCon, a panel of agency and corporate researchers discussed this major topic of the conference…” Read more

Speed Kills

It’s important to consider ‘relevant alienation factors’ when deciding how much time a survey should be in field, argues Matt Balogh. Thanks to dashboards, it seems that almost every stage of a market research project can be accelerated – from the programming through to the reporting – and without detriment to the outcome. But the exception proves the rule: Read more
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