A Strategy for Building the Business Impact of Insights Not all the Insights leaders we have talked to have a strategic plan.  We think they should.  We strongly believe that the best strategic plan for Insights is one which focuses first and foremost on building business impact.  Firstly, this is a survival tool for the Insights team, but more importantly it is a tool for ensuring the business gets maximum impact from Insights and therefore increases its investment in Insights as data and insights becomes more and more the fuel which is driving customer-centric growth… Read more Featured_GuestsTracking the Impact & ROI of Insights Carol Shea, Olivetree Insights “The ROI of Insights is not about conducting research projects better, faster and cheaper. The ROI of Insights is about making real and measurable business impact using insights derived from marketing research. This important topic was addressed in the fifth and final session of a five-part Insights Association and Olivetree Insights webinar series: ‘Insights, A Source of Strategic Leadership.’ The following is a recap of the key points from the expert panel…” Read more CMRS 2019 Junior high and high school summer camp of AI A “AI Smart Medical Summer Camp” and a “Midsummer AI robot summer camp” for high school student were held by TIAI & CMRS in Taiwan to help the young generation to get in touch with an artificial intelligence future… Read more

Welcome to the Post Truth Polling Age

In 2018 Mexico celebrated the largest election in its history, and collaterally entered the territory of the “post-true” surveys, that is, the creation and use of survey data that are interned to the communicative torrent with the intention of confusing and manipulating the opinion and eventual voting behavior of citizens… Read more Research Association Zealand Strategic Plan: Embracing New Horizons In this article, Rob Bree, CEO of Research Association New Zealand shares some of the RANZ experience of researching and developing their new strategic plan after it became apparent that the old plan was past its use-by date.. Read more New ESOMAR/GRBN Guidelines for Primary Data Collection and Duty of Care Open for Consultation – Have Your Say Two new guidelines are now up for public consultation. You are invited to share your opinion and suggest amendments. 
The first guideline for consultation is the ESOMAR/GRBN guideline for researchers and clients involved in primary data collection. … Read more
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