New Decision Intelligence|Customer Experience (DICE) Assessment Provides Customized, Real-Time Guidance To Operationalize Customer Centricity

January 08, 2020 07:08 AM Eastern Standard Time

ROYAL OAK, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gongos, Inc., a decision intelligence company, today announced the rollout of a second iteration of its proprietary Decision Intelligence|Customer Experience (DICE) assessment. The assessment, initially released in 2017 with marketing executives, has since also been leveraged by executives across consumer insights, customer experience, strategy, and innovation to better understand how their organizations perform on 11 key measures related to internalizing customer needs and acting on them as a strategy for differentiation and growth.

DICE 2.0 not only identifies organizational barriers to excelling at customer centricity, but its proprietary algorithm deciphers the top areas of opportunity to overcome challenges; populates instant inspiration and use cases; and offers the option to download resources that serve as a gateway to activate learnings—all in a microsite designed as a complimentary diagnostic and learning tool for organizations.

“For leaders to truly internalize the implications of their scores, they need to be given context of how the measures play out inside their organizations,” said Camille Nicita, president & CEO of Gongos. “While we conduct supplementary workshops to help our clients activate on their DICE findings, we don’t have the luxury of doing that with the hundreds of others who take the assessment. Therefore, we rebuilt the assessment to provide instant and actionable takeaways to begin implementing in their organizations.”

Results to date from 300+ executives across B2C and B2B industry sectors continue to demonstrate that there is much work to be done with regards to operationalizing customer centricity. Ninety-five percent (95%) of total respondents say their organization has room to improve in at least one of 11 core measures, and 89% say there is room to improve on five or more of the measures.

“The biggest barriers to making customer centricity happen are not for lack of want, but rather internal dynamics that create misalignment and lost momentum,” adds Nicita. “While there is no one-size-fits all approach to overcome challenges to customer centricity, DICE 2.0 can be leveraged as a catalyst for organizations to mobilize approaches to better fulfill on customer-centric strategies.”

Since its initial release, the DICE assessment has been used to facilitate cross-functional learning and change management initiatives that have helped organizations shape their operational, implementation and communication strategies to influence stakeholders from the C-suite to the frontline.

The Gongos DICE assessment is currently available to all executives and practitioners seeking to improve their customer-centered initiatives inside their organizations. To take the 13-question assessment and to receive your DICE action plan, visit or access it via the home page.

As a decision intelligence company, Gongos, Inc. brings a consultative approach in developing growth strategies grounded in operationalizing customer centricity. Partnering with insights, analytics, marketing, strategy, and customer experience groups, Gongos serves as a translator to help cross-functional teams fuel the competency to gain and apply consumer wisdom, transform decisions into action, and navigate organizational change. Gongos ranks #44 among the largest market research organizations in the U.S.; and partners with Fortune 500 clients across multiple industries including Coca-Cola, Mars Wrigley, Kellogg’s, U.S. Bank, UnitedHealthcare, and General Motors. For further insight into Gongos, visit


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