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Tip 61 in our ENGAGE handbook encourages you to share back data with survey participants. You can read more about this tip below, and also access some ready-made data shares for the US market.

Tip 61: Share back

If you’ve follow tips 44 and 55 in the handbook, you’ll learn the value of including in your surveys questions which participants find interesting. When you do, why not at end of the survey, share back how other people have answered the same questions previously (in aggregate form). Our A/B testing shows that you can add an extra two to three minutes to your survey in this way without any additional incentive and increase satisfaction with the survey experience.

Answers to attitudinal questions are good for sharing since these are seldom confidential and many survey-takers are inquisitive by nature. Participants want to share their own opinions and hear what others think about certain topics.

We recommend you create a battery of such questions related to your sector/category and add them to your next survey. Once you have the data, create some share back charts. You can then sprinkle these questions and the associated share-back charts into your future surveys, and don’t have to worry about dealing with live data.

Expert tip: Create charts for different demographic groups and filter the data-shares accordingly, saying for example:

“People who live in your part of the country think…or 18 to 24 year-olds like you say…“

Your survey-takers will appreciate the effort to personalize the experience for them.

How to use the data-shares?

You can access the questionnaire, as well as pre-prepared data-share images, by submitting the form below.

Data shown in the data-share images is representative of the US population aged 18+ as measured in September 2017, so if you are conducting an online survey of the general public in the US and your survey relates to the following topics:

  • Money
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Family
  • Household

then simply insert into your questionnaire the three questions for that topic from our data-share questionnaire, and then at the end of the survey show your participants the share-back data images for that topic and their age group.

Access the data-shares

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