WASHINGTON DC – May 4th 2020 – The Global Research Business Network (GRBN) today announces the launch of its revised Participant Engagement Handbook ENGAGE 2.0 – 30 tips to improve the research participant user experience.

The objective of the Handbook is to help researchers deliver better experiences to research participants to both improve data quality and increase participation rates.

Version 1.0 of the ENGAGE Handbook issued in 2017 contained as many as 101 tips for increasing participant engagement. In 2020, we have worked with our partners to boil the number down to 30 key tips. Some are chosen because they are super simple to implement, others because of their significant impact on the research participant user experience and therefore data quality and ultimately the value our industry delivers to decision-makers.

The Handbook is filled with practical advice based not only on our own research-on-research, but also on the expertise of our partners, who we cannot thank enough for their support of the initiative and their willingness to share their wisdom.

Andrew Cannon, GRBN’s Executive Director, who led the creation of the handbook, notes: “Participants are the lifeblood our sector relies on to deliver quality data and insights to decision-makers. As the competition for people’s time continues to intensify, we need to collectively and individually step up our game and offer research participants not just good, but great experiences. By applying the tips in this Handbook researchers can do just that.”

The handbook not only helps researchers create better user experiences, but helps them increase end-clients’ brand equity by making market research a positive touchpoint for a brand.

Dave Rothstein, CEO at RTi Research, commented: “Bravo GRBN!  This handbook is a terrific resource and a great service to the industry.  It will be mandatory reading for the entire staff at RTi Research. No matter how experienced each of us may be, there is something to learn here (or perhaps, relearn) for everyone.”

More information on the GRBN Participant Engagement Initiative can be found here and the ENGAGE 2.0 Handbook can be accessed directly from here.



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