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Learn How to Build an Effective Insights Strategy?

Get practical guidance on the steps to take to implement an effective Business Impact strategy for Insights.

Discover the GRBN ROI of Insights Framework


The Framework give you an easy and effective way to measure your ROI and report on your Business Impact.

Why struggle to work it all out on your own, when you can lean on our tried and trust Framework?

Explore the GRBN Templates


We’ll show you how to set up a database for capturing your the ROI on your delivering on both a project and business decision level.We’ll demonstrate how you can then use this database to report on the overall Business Impact of Insights as well as report to different stakeholders

Read Peer-to-Peer Examples on How to Calculate Insights ROI


We talked with dozens of your peers who are walking the walking and measuring ROI.

We’ve brought all these learnings together into the Handbook to make it easy for you to learn how to measure the ROI of Insights across different Business Decision Areas including strategy, marcoms, innovation and many more

Learn How to Build a Client-Agency ROI Partnership


Agencies have a critical role to play in helping clients’ Insights teams to both measure ROI and build business impact.

Discover the building blocks of a successful partnership.

Get Practical Tips for Getting Started and to Success


Why repeat everyone else’s mistakes?

We’ve worked with hundred’s of client-side Insights professionals. We’ve learned what they are doing well and what they are struggling with.

We’ve put together 15 top tips to make life easy for you, so what are you waiting for?

Get the Background Story


Explore the link between Insights’ influence and customer-centricity

Learn from peers about the benefits of measuring Business Impact

Learn how peers have overcome the barriers to Insights’ ROI measurement