Your People Webcast on April 12, 2016
When the topic of information security comes to mind we are apt to think first of technology. Often, however, data breaches and other failures result from human error or improper safeguards around employees. When clients come to kick the tires of market research firms they often ask to meet with HR to get a sense of who will be handling their data and how they are being trained to protect it. Be certain you are doing all you can to ensure employees are aware of their critical role in risk management and data security. Are your policies being communicated and followed? How are employees accessing internal networks? Are they trained on the risks posed by e-mail communications, social media, password sharing, etc.? Experts with diverse perspectives will share their experiences and advice to help your company adequately. address the human side of data security.  
Amy Jones Director of Human Resources MaritzCX Analise Polsky Business Solutions Manager, SAS Zach Harding Contracts Manager MaritzCX