WHAT is happening! On April 25 – 26, WHAT Conference will cross the chasm between the data on the screen and the insights you are looking for by sharing inspiring stories and showcasing the skills you need to survive in the world of behavioral data. The first ever conference dedicated entirely to behavioral data will take place in Amsterdam – just before King’s Day, Holland’s biggest annual party.
THE First Behavioral Data Conference
The brightest minds in behavioral data will share exclusive insights on how they have made the transition towards data driven insights. With inspiring stories and case studies, the conference is aiming to help professionals within the consumer insights industry to understand how people behave online in order to create a better product or a bigger impact. Speaking on this topic will be representatives from KLM, J. Walter Thompson, Kantar, Elastic, GfK, CLEVER°FRANKE, YouGov, Forrester, GapFish, Respondi, Mindtake and more. Market research has been developing at a glacial speed in the last decades and is heading towards obscurity. Research needs to step away from trying to understand consumer behavior and predict the future with ancient tools and methodologies. What if we would reinvent research in this digital era? Ditching its legacy and taking full advantage of the tools and data sources available to us. How would research then look like? It probably won’t involve 20-minute surveys.
We all know that data is essential to surviving the future of insights. Behavioral data can fuel understanding into WHAT consumers really do online. However, it’s not just about the data. It’s about how it’s being used and the story it tells of the people behind it. Behavioral data has been around for a while, but there is still a wealth of untapped potential ready to be used. WHAT challenges you to embrace the opportunity of data. To see the beauty and the power in its diversity and complexity. Invest in the skills, the people and the organization to harness data and give you the methodologies and insights that allow you to compete in the future of research. With WHAT Conference we are creating a new understanding about the applications of passively measured data by showing how to unravel the tangled web of behavioral data. We are bringing together great content and great people in an incredible setting to create an inspiring and exciting conference – to bring you a glimpse into the future of market research with a big sprinkle of fun. We hope to see you there! Simon van Duivenvoorde Managing Director, Wakoopa Simon van Duivenvoorde is a passionate digital native. In various roles he spent time on client-, agency-, and now, technology supplier side. With Wakoopa he is currently revolutionizing online research and working hard to make Wakoopa the world’s preferred passive data collection technology company.