Rosario Zavala, Partner, LEXIA INSIGHTS SOLUTIONS Working in New York is not only practicing the abilities and knowledge you have.  It is also getting to know new perspectives and views and practicing empathy and being open to new ideas. A multi-cultural city: taking the subway from the 110 St. Station to Brooklyn Bridge –going through Grand Central- is like traveling through the entire world in 20 minutes! From there, transferring to Line 5 to get to Wall Street, where the Financial District is, is the perfect scenario for the immersion I took this past June, in a leading company in understanding the young segments: teens and millennials. YPulse (, whose Founder and CEO is Dan Coates, an innovative, visionary leader with a great openness to incorporate different ways to solve challenges, has impregnated that seal on his entire team, making YPulse transcend to become a consulting company, creator of valuable insights, beyond a traditional market research company. As part of my experiences there, I had the opportunity to work and get to know the young American market in different manners:
  • Consumers of beauty and personal hygiene products
  • Audiences of a very important entertainment cannel
  • Users of digital platforms and social networks
  • Consumers of the wine category
  My main contributions were regarding analysis, identification of insights and participation in strategic solutions.  Always along with the YPulse team, where teamwork prevails and they highly value the different perspectives a multidisciplinary team can provide. The learning I got was too much, not only as far as getting to know deeper a culture I am familiar with due to the proximity and coexistence we have with the United States, but also with the way they work.  For example, resources efficiency, mainly timing.  Even though I greatly value the coexistence among coworkers in Mexico, I realized that in the American culture daily achievements are more important and that is achieved by being more focused and respectful of each other’s time.  Coexistence is left for after-work moments, once everyone has met their goals. We also exchanged work manners:  both in YPulse as in LEXIA, we are very used to working with online communities and I had the opportunity to get to know their good practices and share with them what we do here in Mexico. For me, it was relevant to get to know what is being done in New York, in terms of consulting and market intelligence, to incorporate those ‘best practices’ to what we do in Mexico as far as innovation, use of technology, online communities and co-creation of solutions workshops.  I also think that my contribution was very good and it added up to what they are doing there. I loved the experience I lived in New York.  It definitely made me grow as a person and as a professional.  I took advantage of the city to the fullest and I am thankful with the company where I worked.  I am deeply grateful to Dan Coates for the opportunity he gave me to work with his team and listen and take into consideration my contributions. I invite young people like me to run as candidates to win this award.  It would be a turning point in their professional life.  The Manolo Award meets the purpose of promoting us to be thought leaders and what better way to do it than living an international experience. Rosario Zavala, Partner, LEXIA INSIGHTS SOLUTIONS