The market research community in Canada has responded swiftly to last week’s announcement by the Canadian market research association, MRIA, that it is ceasing its operations. The day after MRIA made their announcement, a group of CEOs from some of Canada’s largest market and survey research firms held a conference call, during which they discussed the need to continue to uphold industry standards and certification practices in Canada. On behalf of the group of CEOs, Jean-March Léger stated: “We are also in agreement that, in the absence of MRIA, a new organization must be created that will act as the standard-bearer for quality research, industry standards and the certification process. We will continue our discussions with a view to launching a new standards and certification body in short order.” You can read the full news release here. Concurrently, a group of more than fifty researchers, from small, medium and large firms across Canada has come together to represent the urgent needs of individual marketing, consumer, business intelligence, social, political, and opinion researchers across Canada. GRBN and ARIA, the Americas Research Industry Alliance, as well as individual GRBN associations, including AMSRS, Insights Association and MRS have offered their support to both groups as they work to ensure that the research sector in Canada continues to be promoted and protected. Elissa Molloy, GRBN Chair, comments: “The researchers and organisations that belonged to MRIA are part of the GRBN family. Through the extensive GRBN association network we have access to a wealth of resources, information and people that can support them while they decide their next steps.”