A digital consultation process for the new ESOMAR/GRBN Guideline on Research and Data Analytics with Children, Young People and Vulnerable Individuals has been launched. To participate in the consultation please use the Multivote platform on which the consultation is hosted. The consultation will also be accessible via the GRBN website. It is possible to create an account on Multivote, or to login using your Facebook, Gmail or Twitter account. On the platform you will find a link to the new guideline, and you can click on “Leave your comment” to post short feedback (300 words). A longer explanation of your feedback can be given via a comment on the feedback. You are invited to also upvote and/or comment on the feedback left by others. By using Multivote, ESOMAR and GRBN wish to provide the global research, insights and data analytics community with a more transparent and engaging guideline consultation process. We hope that you will join and participative actively in the online consultation and on other joint guideline consultations in the future. The online consultation for the guideline closes on 28 February 2018. After that, ESOMAR and GRBN will review all feedback and update the guideline as appropriate.