One of GRBN’s key objectives is to grow the amount of money invested in Insights across the globe. The GRBN Invest in Insights Handbook, the first edition of which was launched in early 2018, is an invaluable resource for Insights leaders looking to defend and ultimately grow their budgets. Over the last 18 months, GRBN has conducted numerous workshops and webinars, and worked with directly with Insights leaders, on how to use the Invest in Insights framework to measure and report on the return on investment they are delivering to the business. We know from the research which we conducted together with BCG in 2017, as well as from our experience of working with Insights leaders, that ROI measurement is a key criteria to Insights becoming a strategic business partner and ultimately a source, or even driver of, competitive advantage. Whilst a systematic approach to ROI measurement is key to budget and headcount growth for the Insights function, the measurement, or indeed the reporting of the return on investment is not the end goal. Rather ROI measurement is in turn the key to building the business impact of Insights, which should indeed be the ultimate goal of the Insights function. In order to shine more light on the business of building the impact of Insights, GRBN in co-operation with Insights Associations and Gongos, Inc and RTi Research – the two Gold Partners on the Invest in Insights Handbook – is in the process of conducting both qualitative and quantitative research with client-side Insights leaders. The objective of the research is to investigate the following topics:
  • The current state of Insights resourcing and expectations for growth
  • How Insights is currently organized and expected changes
  • Insights and the impact on customer-centricity
  • The current state of business impact measurement
The insights of the research will be used as input into version 2.0 of the Invest in Insights Handbook to be issued later this year, and the key findings will be presented at Insights Association’s CRC Conference taking place in Orlando in October.