New Year’s Day in the USA saw the birth of a brand new association for the American Market Research and Analytics industry. Called the Insights Association, this new body was born of the merger of two revered associations familiar to most researchers around the world – CASRO, the industry’s trade association; and the MRA, its professional association. “The logic behind the merger was compelling,” said Simon Chadwick, its inaugural Chairman. “Insights Association will have many more resources with which to promote and protect the industry and will greatly enhance the benefits available to members. Additionally, this move allows us to look forward and to define our industry more broadly to include those who work as data scientists and who view themselves as being part of the analytics side of the equation.” The new body does indeed encompass a wide and diverse set of audiences, including research agencies, analytics providers, technology suppliers, corporate research departments, individuals, students and government insights professionals. Uniquely, the range of services and benefits it offers to members are available to all employees of agencies and corporate research departments who sign up as company members. “In the past,” said David Almy, Insights Association’s CEO, “about 2,500 individual researchers had access to MRA benefits and 350 companies had access to CASRO benefits. Now our reach extends to over 15,000 individuals and 1,000 companies – and they all benefit from a much wider range of services.” Historically, CASRO has always been strongly involved in and a supporter of both GRBN and ARIA (the Americas Research Industry Alliance); and has had a close working relationship with ESOMAR. The Insights Association intends to continue and enhance these relationships as well as those with individual associations around the world, ensuring that the US contribution to the wellbeing of the global industry matches its share of the worldwide market. As Chadwick points out, “ We live in turbulent times. It is fundamentally important not just for the wellbeing of the global MR industry but for democracy itself that we come together and work for the common good. GRBN and ESOMAR both are based on this premise and Insights Association will work closely with both to further the cause.” Insights_Association