We are happy to announce that 7 new partners have come on-board the Participant Engagement Initiative, and we are very excited about kicking off the research-on-research projects into the user experience with online surveys and with qualitative research. In addition, we have partners collecting UX metrics on their live projects, and both these sources will feed into the Participant Engagement Handbook, which we will be issuing later this year.
Many Thanks To Our Partners
We would like to thank Acumen Fieldwork, Cool Tool, Discuss.io, Doing Good Research, Echo Qualitative Project Support, Tango Card and Wakoopa for all coming on-board as partners, which takes the current total to 31. We are honored to have such a great group of companies working with us to improve the user experience and drive up participant engagement, so a big thank you to all of them! If you would like your company to get involved, please get in touch.
We are undertaking research-on-research into both the online survey user experience, as well as the user experience with qualitative research. In both cases, the objective is to uncover ways in which the user experience can be improved in order to give people a better experience, which in turn will lead to high participation rates, as well as a more positive impact on clients’ reputations. RoR into Online Surveys A mini workgoup consisting of Pete Cape (SSI), Bob Graff (MarketVision), Richard Goosey (Kantar Health) and Lisa Wilding-Brown (Innovate MR) are currently finalizing the research plan, drafting the questionnaires and getting the partners lined up. A lot of research-on-research has already been conducted into people’s attitudes towards the online survey user experience and here are a couple of reports offering great insights into this issue: GRBSpecial Report: Improving the online survey user experience Why Most Respondents Don’t Like Participating In Research (And What We Can Do About It) So, we’ve decided to focus on actually A/B testing different approaches to measure impact in a controlled environment. The main focus of the A/B testing is to look at how the way we interact with participants with respect to the topic, why it is important and who it is for impacts the user experience and the perception of the client commissioning the survey. ROR into  Qualitative Research A mini workgroup consisiting of Katrina Knowles (Know Research), Kerry Hecht (Echo Qualitative Project Support) and Nikki Lavoie (Mindspark Research International) are putting the final touches on the research plan and getting the partners lined up. In contrast to online surveys, very little research-on-research has been conducted into the qualitative research user experience, and therefore, we will be focusing on attitudinal research. The RoR will look at people’s motivations for participating in qualitative research and how the experience can be aligned with those motivations. Not only will the RoR explore how we can improve the user experience of people, who currently participate in qualitative research, but also will seek to understand how we can encourage more people to say “yes” when asked to participate and how we can give them a great experience once they do say “yes”.
Changing behavior through metrics
In business, we often get what we measure, so putting UX metrics in place, and using those metrics to drive behavioral change, is a central part of this initiative. We have partners on the initiative, who are currently measuring the user experience they are giving people who participate in their research, not only in terms of the experience itself, but also in terms of its impact on the client commissioning the research (known or perceived). These partners are being encouraged to use the metrics to not only change behavior internally, but to also change the behavior of their clients and suppliers. We believe that arming our partners with data on the impact on clients, as well as on participants, will enable our partners to have much more effective discussions on changing research designs in order to drive up participant engagement. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the metrics and how you can benefit from them.
Participant Engagement Handbook
Both the research-on-research and the metrics data will be used to create a Participant Engagement Handbook. The handbook will be issued in the second half of the year and will contain best (and worse) practice examples, giving people working on for clients, agencies, data collectors and technology companies alike, the understanding of how they can impact, not only the experience they are giving people when they participate in research, but also how they can impact, either positively or negatively, the reputation of the end-client and their brands.
meeting at iiex in atlanta
The partners, who will be attending IIeX in Atlanta, will use the opportunity to meet up and drive the initiative forward. If you are going to be in Atlanta and are interested in participating in this initiative please get in touch as we would love to meet you there.