Client Deliverables – Telling the Story of Your Insights webcasted in July 2016
Join Erin Leedy and Sherry Burles of Market Strategies International to learn about graphics best practices for better storytelling and clearer insights. During this hour-long webinar, they’ll share examples of how a market researcher’s story can go awry when data graphics are confusing or structured incorrectly. They’ll focus on things to watch out for, including sample-related issues, cherry picking, improper labeling and chart inconsistencies. Then, with each example, they’ll break apart the issues and walk through revised graphics to demonstrate how better data visualization results in more accurate storytelling and clear insights for clients. For anyone who is responsible for insightful reporting, this webinar will arm you with practical tips that you can put into action immediately. Presented by:

Erin Leedy Senior Vice President, Technology Market Strategies International

Sherry Burles Director of Information Design Market Strategies International