We took the pledge! We have decided to set aside some of our resources and set out on helping solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Querlo realizes that the only way to do so, is to join forces with Paragon Partnerships and GRBN on this mission to bring companies together who are willing to our goal is to bring companies together to help donate resources. Those resources come in many different sizes and shapes. However, when the intentions and goals are the same we can make a noticeable difference. With the help of the Paragon partners and other companies, which are donating resources, we can have a profound effect on others, the world and ourselves. We hope we can be part of this effort to take philanthropy to a higher level, and together accomplish great things.
Researching and evaluating the condition of street children – the missing millions
Querlo is a big supporter of sustainability in developing countries, especially supporting the empowerment of women through education and technology. Querlo supports organizations that work to empower women and children via technology, it has built 13 computer classrooms for high school students in Afghanistan. In addition, more than 10,000 female students have directly benefited from digital literacy classes offered in the classrooms and online. In addition, with this valuable tool Querlo is providing its support to establish a direct conversation and relationship with the young men and women of Afghanistan with the purpose to research and evaluate the condition of street children– the missing millions. One of our most recent research projects included connecting with 1,000 young people in Afghanistan. This project collected data on local demographics, varying income levels, and relationships to the street children. Querlo can provide invaluable data that helps gauge how to solve UN Global Goals, including the problems of hunger, climate action, gender equality, by helping bridge the gap between qualitative and quantitative data. We, at Querlo, support the Paragon Partnerships efforts to change the world, and believe that we can together make progress through the invaluable resources a person or a company can offer… together equals progress, just as division equals failure. Paragon_Partnership These partnerships with other companies help provide resources that assist in translation, data processing, data analyzing, even minute to minute reporting, and much more. Whatever your skill or your company’s model may be, your resources are invaluable to those who need them. How will you contribute? The offer to join our mission to help those in need is one that is never at its capacity. No contribution is too small, nor is any amount of donations too large. Join us on this mission by signing up here as a corporate member and showing your commitment to give by donating. Querlo           Francesco Rulli and Elaha Mahboob Querlo