GRBN recently published the “Invest in Insights” handbook in RELAYTO/, a platform that allows conversion and publishing of PDF document as a complete experience with multimedia, interactivity and analytics. This was the second such report we have published on this platform (after “Engage” published in October 2017 ), and both have allowed us to better connect with our audience in a cost effective manner. We put a lot of effort into producing both Handbooks, and in order to make our content work harder, we wanted a platform that helps us tells our story, engages our audience with a richer experience, and provides us with insight on performance for future content investment decisions. We also worked with RELAYTO/ to produce an online version of the BCG / GRBN ROI of Insights Report, which goes beyond the PDF we had issued in November. You can access that report here: BCG / GRBN ROI of Insights Report We recently spoke with Alex Shevelenko, CEO at RELAYTO/, about the advantages of using a platform such as RELAYTO/ for digital publishing needs: “Here are 7 reasons why we think publishing on RELAYTO/ could help you extract more value from your content:
  1. Made by you: You are able to upload and convert your existing PDF documents without the need for expensive digital agencies.
  2. Multimedia & Interactivity: An important part of the visual document experience for the reader. Interactive calls to actions and embedded media engages the reader whilst highlighting key elements of the document.
  3. Multiple & Integrated documents: instead of a plethora of stand alone files, all related documents can be linked and organised in a central document hub. Great for those who like to explore topics that interest them.
  4. Multi Chapter Navigation: eliminates the common frustration of not being able to find your way round a document. Landing pages, table of contents, top menus, plus contextual search means readers are able to explore and navigate with ease.
  5. Multi Channel: share via URL, email, social media with all the relevant security controls to restrict access if necessary.
  6. Measurable: gather data on who is looking at your document when and where. This could provide invaluable insight to help you refine your content strategy and maximise effectiveness.
  7. Mobile and device ready: An important attribute to have for any document published online today. Readers consume content on a variety of devices and the document must be optimised or you risk losing impact and engagement.
If you are currently issuing reports and other content in pdf, you might want to consider moving beyond the PDF, with RELAYTO/ being a great place to start.” For more information, contact Alex Shevelenko at