We have spent many hours talking to practitioners about measuring the ROI of Insights and business impact. We have pulled together 15 top ticks and tricks from these experts and included them in the Invest in Insights Handbook.
  1. Get Going
  2. Decision-Making Mapping
  3. Process Integration
  4. Insights Dissemination Tools
  5. Engage the CFO
  6. (Re)define ROI
  7. Forecast AND Actual ROI
  8. Build Model(s)
  9. Work with Analytics
  10. Gather Feedback
  11. Be Bold, Be Proud
  12. Share the Glory
  13. Get a Buddy
  14. Use your ROI of Insights Report to Allocate the Budget
  15. Use your ROI of Insights Report to Grow Your Budget
If you want to read these tips before diving deeper into ROI measurement, or if you are already advanced in ROI measurement and are just looking to improve your skills, you can download the tips section from the Handbook here:
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