At SampleCon this year, GRBN’s Andrew Cannon will be presenting the key findings from our research into the impact of incentives. The presentation will be followed by an expert panel discussion featuring Kerry Hecht from Echo MR, Lisa Wilding-Brown from Innovate MR and Scotty Greenburg from Tango Card, who will discuss the implications of the research for our sector.

Data quality is an important issue for our industry, and data quality is impacted by many factors. We know for example that participant engagement impacts data quality, but do we understand how incentives impact participant engagement?

We know that incentives are being driven down by price compression, but have we paused to consider what impact this is having on both participant engagement and data quality?

These are the issues GRBN has set out to explore. Specifically, we want to understand:

  1. What impact does doubling the financial reward have?
  2. What impact does paying no incentives have?
  3. What impact do sweepstakes and charity donations have?
  4. What impact does giving a great UX have?

Thanking our partners

With the help of our partners Tango Card, Innovate MR and Echo we will be exploring the role of incentives in both a panel and river environment.

We hope to see you soon in Atlanta for SampleCon. If you haven’t already done so, you can register here.