GRBN’s core mission is to promote and advance the business of research across the globe through developing and supporting national research associations. GRBN strives to achieve this mission by working closely together with our national association members as well as the regional federations to which they belong. One of the ways in which we assist our association members is through the sharing of information. Through the members’ section, members can access member-only information  on topics such as codes, polling, incentives & employment / taxation. The member-only section also contains useful information to help member associations with membership retention and expansion.
Stronger together
The GRBN theme for 2017 is stronger together. During discussions earlier this year with our members from all across the globe, it became evident that, now more than ever, many of associations, and their members, are facing both many similar challenges and many similar opportunities. Rather than have to face these challenges alone, GRBN is encouraging and enabling our association members to connect and work together with other associations in order to address these common challenges and take advantage of these common opportunities. We believe that this will enable our members to be more efficient and effective at both reaching their goals and serving their members.
Revenue sharing
GRBN has set up many of its initiatives this year so that they provide member associations with the opportunity to share sales, advertising and sponsorship revenues. Taking advantage of these new revenue streams will enable our member associations to provide their members with even more value for money.