This special edition of GRBN News contains a selection of articles from the newsletters we have issued during the first quarter of this year. In partnership with RP Translatethe official translation partner of GRBN News, this week’s newsletter is also being issued in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish (ES and MX). If you would like to receive this newsletter in one or more of these languages, do not hesitate to get in touch. Andrew Cannon Executive Director, GRBN BCG and GRBN team up to create ROI from Insights self-assessment tool Measuring the ROI from Insights is one of the characteristics of an Insights department that is perceived as a strategic insights partner. Read more about the goals and planned actions of this joint initiative…. Read more   The Morality of Market Research in the Age of Artificial Intelligence By Andrew Konya, Remesh “As I plunged into the MR world, after a decade of working on computational physics and artificial intelligence, the first thing that struck me was the tremendous amount of technological overhang…..Read more   Research_User_Experience Keeping User Experience Top of Mind By Roddy Knowles, Research Now “Over the past year, I’ve observed an increase in talk about the importance of respecting research participants and ensuring they have positive experiences. This is good…..Read more   Building_Publöic_Trust Building Public Trust Charter – National association endorsement underway Following on from the endorsement of the Charter by the four regional federations, the national associations AMSRS, Insights Association, MRS and RANZ are the first ones to endorse the charter, demonstrating their strong commitment to building trust in our industry across the globe… Read more   Participant_Engagement Participant Engagement – Partners set ambitious goals Partners in the Participant Engagement Initiative met yesterday and the partners confirmed their intention to make this an action- and results-based initiative. Read more about the goals and planned actions… Read more   Paragon_GRBN_Partnership Paragon, a Unilever initiated partnership, and GRBN join forces to create a global database Paragon, a Unilever initiated partnership, and GRBN join forces to create a global database of research companies willing to help tackle the UN Global Goals… Read more