This issue of Global Insights is all about TRUST. In a world of fake news, in light of the ongoing Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal and ahead of the introduction of GDPR in the EU next month, our sector more than ever needs to work together to build trust in market research. The GRBN Building Public Trust Charter – More Needed Than Ever We argue that now more than ever we need to build trust in our sector. All four regional federations, as well as six national associations across the globe, have already endorsed the GRBN Building Public Trust Charter, demonstrating their strong commitment to building trust in our industry across the globe, but your commitment is also needed… Read more Is One-in-Ten Really Good Enough? In the 2016 GRBN Trust Survey, we found that, on average across the 9 countries surveyed, only 13% of survey participants said they had a high level of trust in market research companies to protect and appropriately use people’s personal data (versus 26% who had a low level of trust)…  Read More CMIX   Are we more trusted than Facebook? Are we more trusted than Facebook to protect personal data? In light of the recent Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal, we believe this is an important question for the market research sector to ask ourselves. Obviously we think we are, but to a large extent, what we think is irrelevant, as it is what others think which matters… Read More Trust in Market Research: The German success story In 2016, Bernd Wachter, CEO of Psyma Group AG and board member of both the ADM and the “Initiative Markt- und Sozialforschung, shared his views on why the German public have a relatively high level of trust in market research. The relevance of the story is just as strong today… Read More
NEXT 2018 / GRBN Workshop Turning Market Research into a Great User Experience and a Valuable Brand Touchpoint

Join us in New York on Sunday the 29th April for a fantastic participant engagement workshop… Read More