MRS Webinar – The power of data: lessons learned from billions of data points


    Join our Professional Webinar in July to understand how the power of big data can significantly impact your advertising strategy and influence campaigns.

    Scheduled for July

    What you’ll learn:
    • A better understanding of the power of data
    • Lessons in how to not only collect the right data, but collect data in the right way
    • How aggregated data can lead to significant insights
    • That correlation is not causation: why a single data point is misleading and how to avoid this misstep

    In this Professional Webinar, Akero uses its unique position within the education sector to draw from a wealth of data spanning the last decade of online advertising, enabling us to understand the impact of events and external factors on the success of advertising campaigns and target audience engagement.

    In the session, Adam Smith from Akero looks at how this insight can be used to drive strategy, and how data-driven tools and methods can ensure the best campaign outcomes.

    About the speaker:

    Adam Smith is a data scientist at Akero. He holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Southampton and has worked in world-leading research institutions providing unique insights to higher education institutions. Prior to Akero, Adam worked on developing new probes of chemical dynamics in Zürich.

    His role is to help Akero understand the wealth of data it has acquired and provide a unique insight for the company and clients, with a strong focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence to unlock the true power of data as well as making it accessible to all.