MRS Webinar – Using the real behaviour behind big data to improve participant quality


    How can digital behavioural data help us address issues with participant recruitment methods? Our last Professional Webinar of 2020 looks at the psychology behind the technology: how big data is being used to get closer to people’s real behaviour.

    What you’ll learn:

    • How big data is used by marketing teams to get closer to people’s real behaviour
    • The full scope of Behavioural Recruitment hyper-targeting based on genuine behaviour, interests and demographics
    • Practical case studies

    It’s vital to speak to the right people when doing research to ensure a proposition fits its audience and their needs. If participant recruitment is ineffective, the integrity and validity of research can be compromised.

    An ever-increasing portion of our life is spent online. The average global Internet user spends over 6.5 hours a day online, with approximately 30% of that on social media. In 2018, social media users grew to nearly 3.5bn globally, with mobile users the fastest growing segment of the Internet.

    The data from people’s online activity reveals a great deal about what makes them tick. It only takes a small glimpse into someone’s psyche to predict how they’ll behave – referred to as the ‘thin slice’ principle in psychology: from only a thin slice of a cake you can tell, with a high degree of accuracy, what the rest of the cake will look like. So once a personality trait has been inferred from our actions, it can be used to predict and influence other behaviours.

    The wealth of information held in consumers’ digital footprints is routinely used by marketing and advertising teams to personalise ads, influence different market segments and improve ROI.

    It’s time for the research industry to do the same, to help us find the participants we really need. Behavioural Recruitment is powered by big data on people’s real behaviour. The innovative method connects to social networks enabling targeting, screening and qualification of high-quality people for any kind of research project. Two billion profiles are searched worldwide to recruit truly representative participants who give 47% more data.

    Join this webinar to see the huge benefits of using big data to find fresh people for research.

    About the speaker:

    Hugh Carling is co-founder of Liveminds and the creator of Behavioural Recruitment. He has worked in the research industry for more than a decade, helping researchers in leading agencies such as Hall & Partners, Kantar and 2CV to embrace new digital methods. He’s now focused on rebuilding the foundation of all research: the participants.

    Liveminds won the MRS Operations Award for Best Support Services 2018. Hugh is a regular speaker at conferences such as ESOMAR, IIeX, MRMW and Quirk’s. He has presented a previous Speaker Evening for MRS and webinars for GreenBook and The ICG.