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GRBN Global Trust Survey to explore impact of COVID-19

WASHINGTON  – April 9, 2020 – The Global Research Business Network (GRBN) is partnering with ten national research associations from across the globe, as well as 13 corporate partners, to update the GRBN Global Trust Survey which was last conducted in 2018.

The research measures the level of public trust in research companies compared with a range of other organisations and sectors.  This year, it will provide valuable insight into how trust in the market and social research sector, alongside others including government and media, has been affected by the COVID-19 health and economic emergency… Read more.

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“Let’s Ask” – Understanding how COVID19 will impact research initiatives

Echo Market Research

What was the issue?

Uncertainty abounds right now with COVID-19. We wanted to help get some clarity for the market research industry around how people are feeling and what is the right way for us to engage with them.

Any organization that wished was allowed to ask up to three open or closed-ended questions to our participant community members and social media followers. We programmed, hosted & facilitated the collection of the replies. Afterward, we shared the results with the organization, on our website & blog.

Read what was achieved and how


GRBN Events Calendar Update

Now to Include Webinars

We are updating the GRBN Global Events Calendar to include webinars in addition to Conferences. In addition to publishing association conferences and webinars on the calendar, we will also be publishing webinars from GRBN corporate partners.

Please get in touch if you would like to become a corporate partner and have your webinars published in our calendar.

Bookmark this page and keep abreast of upcoming webinars and conferences


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Hold onto to your purpose rather than your brand ads

Fiona Blades
Mesh Experience

“Only a week ago the disaster facing CMOs was the sadness of not being able to air a new campaign that may have taken months to create.  The care with which the idea had been nurtured, the negotiations to get the best talent, the budget secured from the C-suite, all were about to be lost.  All that hard work, gone.

Marketers have now moved from grief to action over the last week as they grapple with the rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis…” Read more

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Association Leader Spotlight: Melanie Courtright, the Insights Association

Three wishes for 2020

As you may have guessed, I have needed to revise my wishes during the past several weeks.

Top of mind for me now is the health and well-being of all of us. As it pertains to our industry – for our country and the entire world, really – is that our economies bounce back quickly. Insights will take on an important role in our recovery. We have been quick to advocate for the need to continue collecting data during this crisis. Only by consistent measurement can we track the shifting sentiments of consumers and identify key turning points… Read more

Recorded Webinar:

The Impact of Incentives on Participant Engagement and Data Quality

The marketing research industry has long provided a wide variety of incentive options to survey participants. What impact do these incentives have on the participant experience?

This webinar recording presents key findings from our research and features an expert panel discussion with Andrew Cannon (Executive Director, GRBN), Lisa Wilding-Brown (Chief Research Officer, InnovateMR), Kerry Hecht (Founder/CEO, Echo-MR), and Scotty Greenburg (Director of Marketing, Tango Card)… Watch the webinar recording here